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Chic Wardrobe Essentials

Some items of clothing and accessories are instantly recognisable as chic. Here is my fun guide to what I consider to be chic wardrobe essentials. Whilst compiling the list, I thought about all the chic women that I have known such as my friends and family, or known about such as film stars, or famous people from past and present, and have used them as inspiration.

I am sure that you will agree with many items and even have your own ideas, or chic friends who inspire you. I would love to hear about them, so please share your ideas in the comments box at the end.
- A pair of chic sunglasses - my number one chic wardrobe essential. They add instant glamour and an air of mystery to any woman who wears them.

- A pair of black ballet flats - add instant chicness to jeans and trousers.

- A pair of black high heels - add instant chicness to a black business suit, pencil skirt or little black dress. Make sure that you can walk in them though, as tottering along in to high a heel is very unchic.

- A black pencil skirt - I once met a very chic lady in her thirties, who had lived a few years in Paris. We talked about that elusive French style and how to achieve it. She said that she had made an interesting observation whilst living there and learned a very simple way to look chic. She said that the number one item that you need in your wardrobe is a simple, good quality, well fitted, black pencil skirt. It will go with most styles of tops, such as blouses, jumpers and t-shirts and can be dressed up with a pair of high heels or dressed down with a pair of flat ballet pumps or long leather boots. Et Voila! Instant Chic!

- A cardigan - A simple classic style, fitted at the waist is very chic, and can even be worn around the shoulders.

- A Little Black Dress - Worn with black high heels - instant chic.

- A Chanel style suit - Classic, timeless and elegant. If you can't afford an original Chanel suit, there are many affordable copies. It is a very versatile suit and can be worn broken up. The shirt can be worn with a blouse, cardrigan or sweater and the jacket can be worn with jeans or a plain skirt or trousers.

- Simplicity, Quality and Fit
In order to look chic, it is important to pay attention to the quality and fit of your clothes.
During a recent trip to Paris a few years ago, I was walking past a cafe in an area of upmarket fashion shops. Sitting outside a small cafe with a friend, quietly enjoying a coffee, was a very chic young French lady in her late twenties. Tall and slim, she wore a simple, but good quality, grey sleeveless shift dress that fitted her perfectly, a simple pair of sunglasses, simple black high heels and the most immaculate and chic updo I have ever seen, a classic french pleat - not a hair out of place. She was chic and elegant. 

- Gorgeous Underwear

- A scarf tied just so - French women are famous for the way that they wear their scarves. It is very rare that I meet someone who is able to wear their scarves with such panache. One of my work colleagues seems to have a knack for tying scarves. She always looks stylish, and I put this down to the fact that for several years, she worked as an air hostess and had to look well groomed and presentable for her job.

- Nail varnish in a chic colour such as red, natural or black. One of my school friends always wore bright red nail varnish. Her nails were beautifully shaped and she must have painted her nails every few days or so as I never ever noticed a chip in them. She also wore a matching red lipstick. She was only 17 or 18 years old  but knew an easy way to look chic. 

- A lipstick in a chic colour such as red or a natural shade.

- A spritz of Divine Perfume

Whilst chic clothing and accessories can help a woman look chic, other factors are just as important in contributing towards achieving a chic look.

Good posture - It is often the case that chic women have good posture and I often find they went to ballet classes as a child where developing good posture is important. Audrey Hepburn is a classic example of a very chic woman with great posture. She attended ballet classes as a child but unfortunately grew too tall to be able to continue, but the discipline of good posture stayed with her.

A Chic hairstyle - a classic bob or updo are chic hairstyles which will add to your overall Chic look.

Last but not least......A beautiful smile and laugh and a zest for life.

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