Friday, 3 February 2012

How to be Chic - A definition of Chic

In order to start becoming more Chic, it is important to understand exactly what Chic is.

How do you define chic? Where on earth do you start to define that elusive something that some women have and others do not?

An easy place to start is with a dictionary definition of Chic:

Chic: A person who is classy and sophisticated in both dress and manner.

The word Chic was first used in France in 1856 and probably derives from the German word Schick, which means skill, fitness, elegance and finess.

Her Dress:
  • A chic woman is always elegant and attractive in her appearance.
  • She looks smart, clean and well groomed
  • Her clothes are usually simple, modest, well fitting and stylish.
Her manner:
  • Has good manners, is always classy without being a pushover or being flashy.
  • Intelligent, with a fun sense of humour and a genuine enjoyment of life.
  • Has an aura of quiet confidence and self-belief.
I think that is a good definition of Chic. If you have any ideas I would love to hear from you. Please leave your ideas in the comments section below. Thank You.


  1. I just love your ideias! I have already recommend this on Google. I would like to suggest that a chic person is also someway, somehow cult and virtuous.Is impossible to be chic and not polish by a humanist education. What happen is that she would be only chic in her appearence. And I believe that truly chic people are more than anything else very human, considered. I talk about this at my blog but is portuguese. Vida em Sociedade
    Best wishes.

  2. Chic sensibilites cannot be faked. The whole package comes from belief. Often it takes years, education, the experience of unconditional love (children, pets,self) or life-changing events. So it is a reason to love getting older, for it will always be a result of good observation and acceptance in the day to day.