Thursday, 2 February 2012

How to Be Chic Blog Home Page and Welcome

Dear Reader,

Welcome to my blog "How to be Chic".

If you are looking for tips and advice on how to be chic, and how to dress in a chic and stylish way, I hope you will find it useful.

Whilst this blog does include interesting articles on how to dress in a chic and stylish way, I have also written about other aspects of a chic womans life, for example, Chic Health, Chic Finance, Chic Relationships, Chic Homes, Chic Attitude, Chic Manners and many more...........

Being Chic is an approach to life that, if followed, will yield many benefits.

Since living a chicer lifestyle, my life has improved greatly and I am sure yours will too.

Below is a full list of all my articles on How to be Chic.

I have also included articles from my other blog  "Chic and Minimalist Wardrobe", which is read each month by thousands of women around the world who want to declutter their wardrobes and create a small wardrobe of stylish clothes that perfectly meet their needs.

I am also a writer with Hubpages and have included some of my most popular Chic related articles.

With kind regards,
Simply Me

       * How to be Chic - List of Articles, Videos, Tips and Ideas * 

Chic Style - Grooming, Make-up and Clothes

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Chic Health
Chic Attitudes

Chic Relationships

Chic Homes
Chic Music

Chic Finance - All about Money, Savings and Investing

Chic Shopping

How to be Chic for Men

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  • Chic Clothing
  • Chic Accessories
  • Chic Jewellry
  • How to be Chic on a budget
  • How to be Chic in Summer 
  • Chic Attitudes
  • Chic Intelligence
  • Chic Relationships
  • Chic Finance
  • Chic Time Management and Being Organised
  • How to be Chic Books
  • Chic Make-up

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  1. Hi there. Would you happen to have any thoughts about maintaining a chic appearance in hot urban environments = especially for those of us who are short and wide rather than tall and willowy? I do not look great in a tee and spare myself the embarrassment of baring my arms. Skirts and capris - but what on top?

    I've found much inspiration in your articles - please keep going!